Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Playoff Preview - Round 1

Here are some stats to chew on while getting ready for the opener in Round 1 on Wednesday night:

At home:

Ottawa - 22-15-4
Goals for: 131
Goals against: 123
Power play goals: 33
Power play goals allowed: 39

Pittsburgh - 26-10-5
Goals for: 134
Goals against: 94
Power play goals: 46
Power play goals allowed: 26

The Pens are simply dominant at home. They are +40 in goal differential at home, which is the best in the NHL.

On the road:

Ottawa: 21-16-4
Goals for: 127
Goals against: 119
Power play goals: 27
Power play goals allowed: 33

Pittsburgh - 21-17-3

Goals for: 106
Goals against: 118
Power play goals: 31
Power play goals allowed: 42

The Sens are pretty consistent on the road and at home. The Pens are far worse on the road. They managed a winning record despite being outscored. The scoring differential can be almost directly attributed to the performance on special teams.

Other key stats:
  • When the Pens out shoot their opponents, they have the second best record in the NHL - 22-7-2. When they don't, they're just 24-20-6. Ottawa is around .500 for each.
  • The Pens go on the power play far more than the Sens do, both at home and on the road.
  • Ottawa took more penalties at home this year than any team in the NHL. That's something the Pens will have to exploit.
  • The Sens are the second best in the NHL at even strength. They're a +28 on the season (+14 at home and on the road). The Pens aren't far behind, at +19, but they're strongest at home (+20), while actually being a minus (-1) on the road.
  • Kick 'em when they're down - the Sens have won just FIVE times all year when trailing after one period (or two periods, for that matter).
  • Scoring first - the Sens were one of the worst in the NHL when they don't get the first goal (9-24-2). The Pens were second best under the same scenario (18-21-3).
Let's Go Pens!

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