Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sharks 2, Penguins 1 (OT - SO - 3-2)


huh? what? Someone playing hockey?

First period:

Maybe one of the most boring periods of hockey I've ever seen. Other than the Penguins effective penalty kill, there's really not much to talk about. Conklin had a few nice saves, but there wasn't much other than that.

Second period:

This one made the first look exciting. Still nothing doing. Maybe it's just that I was tired when watching the game, but I almost fell asleep.

Third period:

The Sharks score (on a great individual effort by Cheechoo), and now I'm afraid that instead of sending one guy in on the forecheck, the Sharks will just keep all five men back in the neutral zone. These guys make the Devils look daring and offensive.

Shelley ensures he'll never play in the third period again by taking a dumb penalty. Crusher shoots from a bad angle off of a nice pass from Gonchar and scores. Great to see Christensen get back on the good side of things in his first game back.




Crusher starts it off making Nabokov look really bad, scoring pretty easily.

Pavelski managed to beat Conklin with a wrister. I think this shattered Conk's confidence, as all three Sharks did pretty much the same thing (wrist shots, though they went to different places) and all three beat him easily.

Ruutu kept things interesting, but the Letang couldn't get the puck up on his attempt and the Pens went down 3-2 in the shoot out.


I'm still bored and the game has been over for a while.

Next up: Off to Long Island for a date with the Isles on Tuesday.

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