Sunday, February 17, 2008

Penguins 4, Buffalo 1

Great win on the road against a team that is on the edge of the playoffs. These are the kind of games the Pens need to keep winning if they want to move up in the standings in the East.

First period:

The Pens had a really slow start. Only Conklin kept them in the game.

Kaleta gets Laraque to retaliate, drawing a penalty. That's a bit unusual (for Laraque to retaliate), but I'd like to see more emotion from Laraque.

Letang starts the PK for the Pens. He's come a long way, eh?

Second period:

Sykora rings one off of the far post. He had Miller beat. Great shot - his slap shot is really heating up. You can see why he's known as a sniper.

Ruutu had a beautiful breakaway goal, taking a pass from Malone as he was coming out of the penalty box. He has that uncanny ability to elevate the puck after his deke. I think that's what makes him so effective on the shootout.

2-0 lead when Sykora chipped a rebound past Miller. Nice garbage goal.

Third period:

The Pens start the period with some domination, both by Malkin's line and by James, Taffe and Kennedy. Really great pressure, but no goals.

Malkin earns the Pens a 3-1 lead with a great effort goal. The Pens brought the puck up the ice, kept it going towards the goal. Sure enough, the puck bounced around and wound up sitting all alone right in front of a wide open net. Malkin hustled his butt off and put the puck into the empty net.

The Pens had an excellent, important penalty kill with less than 8:00 remaining. Malkin then drew a penalty with 5:52 remaining. That's a microcosm of the game.

The Sabres pull Miller, but that only gives Army the chances to notch an empty net goal. That was the game.

  • Conklin was easily the #1 star. He was tremendous tonight.
  • Two garbage goals tonight. That was huge.
  • When I saw James skating with Kennedy, I wondered what Steigy would say, given that James is, at best, as tall as Kennedy (probably smaller). We only had to wait until the third period to hear about the "little energy line". New drinking game! Every time Steigy refers to Kennedy, James, or their line as little, take a drink.
  • I just can't figure out if Steigy means little as in teddy bear, or little as in midget. Maybe it's both.
  • Did you ever think before the season that the Pens second power play until would be Talbot, Kennedy and Taffe? Wow.
Next up: the Kitty Cats come to the Igloo in what seems to be the last "easy" game for a while.

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