Thursday, February 28, 2008

Bruins 5, Penguins 1

Completely missed this one. Doesn't look like I missed too much.

Hossa is out, probably for a week, with a grade 1 strain of the MCL.

Dupuis got the goal. That made him only a -2 for the night. He was with Malkin and Sykora for three goals against (Geno and Sykora were both, as you might guess, -3). Maybe that line needs a little more time to click. Maybe Therrien won't be that patient.

Conk was pulled, though it was probably more about getting Fleury some work and giving Conk a rest than anything. The goal he was pulled on wasn't his fault - the puck clearly deflected off of Sykora on the way in.

Not too much else to go with on this one. Hopefully the weekend will be better.

Next up: Going to Ottawa on Saturday afternoon. Get ready to work.

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