Thursday, February 07, 2008

Penguins 4, Islanders 3

I went to this one - but it's much harder to remember things to write about when you're actually at the game. I have a bunch of pictures, but those probably won't show up until tomorrow at the earliest.

The Isles struck first when Conklin was caught in no man's land. The puck was in the no-play zone, and so was Conklin. He didn't touch it, and the Isles passed the puck to Comrie, who scored into an empty net. It's one of those goals that you don't see very often but look really, really bad when you do.

The Pens evened the score and took the lead. The Isles kept tying the game, first at 2-2 and then at 3-3. When they knotted the score at three, we really thought it was headed for OT. Kris Letang had other ideas with a beautiful shot that found the top of the net.

That was all that was needed, though the Pens did have to survive a scare at the very end of regulation. The Isles had seemingly put the puck into the net with .4 seconds remaining, but the ref had blown the whistle prior to the shot and waved off the goal. Very fortunate for the Pens.

One other thing I have to comment on is Comrie's fight with Talbot. About halfway through the fight, Comrie pretty clearly stuck his leg behind Max's leg in at attempt to trip him and end the fight. It was a total crap move, especially when the fight just happened to occur as the Pens were entering the Islanders zone on a 2 on 1. I didn't see who started the fight, but I'm guessing Comrie learned some lessons in cheap-ness from Miroslav Satan.

Great win for the Pens - they really needed those points.

Next up: The LA Kings come to town. Don't look now, but the Kings just won IN Detroit. Could be trouble.

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