Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Game #65 - at Boston Bruins

Pittsburgh Penguins (36-21-7, 79 pts) at Boston Bruins (33-23-6, 72 pts)

Time for a new hometown, Marian!

Murray's numbers are down, but he can still score.

This is the debut of the Pens' big gamble. Can Hossa et al put them over the top? Will they be able to keep these players long term? Will it be an abject failure if they don't?

Does the opponent really matter for this one? Why yes, they do. The Pens find themselves in a tough game on the road against a hot team that's climbing the standings in the East. Boston has won four in a row, and has points in 6 straight. They also put the nail in the coffin of John Paddock when they shut out the Senators on Tuesday.

The Bruins have managed a power play goal in five straight games. The Pens look at that streak and laugh - they have a power play goal in every game in February. If they get one tomorrow, they'll have a power play goal for every game in the month. Pretty cool.

Sadly, the Pens have another streak they should be cautious of - they've allowed a power play goal in 8 straight games on the road. That will need to stop.

Fleury may get the start tomorrow. It has to be tough to sit Conklin after the way he played on Tuesday. Maybe we'll see Flower over the weekend instead.

Should be an exciting game.

Let's Go Pens!

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Will said...

I am really excited to see tonights game. According to the Gazette, TyCo will get the start. I'm looking forward to seeing McFleury back in net, but after his 50+ save performance, Conks deserves the start. Fleury will get his chance this weekend for sure.