Saturday, February 09, 2008

Game #55 - vs Los Angeles Kings

Los Angeles Kings (23-30-3, 49 pts) at Pittsburgh Penguins (30-19-5, 65 pts)

Wasn't Cammalleri the guy on the poker show with Talbot?

Conklin is the man.

Kings = dangerous. That's the very simple lesson the Penguins need to remember. It's easy to forget, because they ARE the Kings, right? But consider these fun facts:
  • Last 12 games - 8-3-1.
  • Last five games, all on the road, 3-1-1, with wins in Detroit and MSG.
  • Four of those road games against the other teams in the Atlantic - 2-1-1 (better than the Pens have managed this season).
Now, their offense isn't going to strike fear into your heart, and their power play is decent, but streaky. The PK has been getting it done, however, with only one goal allowed in the past 8 games. That's tremendous, and it's something the Pens will have to crack.

I'll be in attendance at this one, so there will be more pictures, I think. Hopefully this time I won't be eating nachos and miss the fight.

Let's Go Pens!

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