Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bruins 2, Penguins 1

Bad loss for the Pens. They didn't have much of any effort in the first period, and it cost them the game. Let's do the recap.

First period

Penguins = mud.

They simply didn't work hard enough. The Bruins busted their collective butts and it paid off with two goals that were a combination of good bounces and sheer effort.

Both Gonchar and Whitney committed bad turnovers in their own zone. Gonchar's led to the first goal and Whitney's led to a great chance for the Bruins.

Second period

Much better effort from the Pens, but it didn't matter. They couldn't get the bounce they needed, as things were just a little bit off.

The Pens had three full power play chances and could do nothing but generate a few good chances. They need to cash in.

Third period

The Pens kill the second half of Crusher's second penalty of the night to start the third, and you're thinking that this will give them the momentum they need.

Christensen can't quite finish off what seems like his seventeenth excellent chance of the night. This one went off the heel of his stick. Staal immediately earns a tripping penalty when he collapses in disbelief.

During the ensuing Bruins power play, Malkin take a hip check in the offensive zone short-handed, and the refs managed to call kneeing on Wideman. The replays show there was no knee, but the Pens earn a back-side power play...

...which doesn't matter as they can't generate any kind of consistent offense. Christensen is now second guessing his shot to the extent that he tries to make the extra pass when he has a wide open look. Shoot the puck there, Erik!

Crusher took a elbow from Chara and left the ice.

The Pens FINALLY broke through on the power play. That's a big statement goal by the Pens - they kept getting chances and they never quit trying. Malkin did this one almost by himself with a nasty wrist shot from the right slot that picked the far top corner of the net. It helped that Chara was in front of Thomas.

Conk made three HUGE saves to keep the game at 2-1. He stopped a 2 man breakaway, stopping the initial shot AND the rebound, as well as stopping Kessel on a later breakaway.

The Pens pulled the goalie... and immediately committed a penalty. With all the calls the Pens got during the game, the refs totally missed the most important one, calling Malone for a trip. Malone only tripped his man because he was tripped by Chara. Blech.

  • Laraque didn't see much ice time after his play along the board led to the second Boston goal (two shifts in the second and one in the third).
  • Goligoski made an inauspicious debut. He didn't look out of place, but we didn't see him all that much either.
  • Malkin and Staal were both -2.
  • Bad faceoff night. You think teams are shooting long on Conk not only to keep him from handling the puck, but also because they have a great chance to win the faceoff in the offensive zone?

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Will said...

Just an off game for the Pens. I totally agree that they just got outworked in the 1st. Those 2 goals were ugly. That one when Laraque got punked, was awful. Tyco's saves at the end were just unreal. It was great to see the crowd react to them that late in the game, when we were down. Another one tonight so no time do dwell on this one. BGL better come out hard, because if he's not being tough, he's not much good out there for us. GO PENS!!