Monday, August 13, 2007

The Referees - Part 5 - Road PIM Rankings

The road team takes less penalty minutes, in general, than the home team in the NHL, by about a minute per game. I'm not sure why that is, except that maybe the road team play more under control, while the home team allows emotion to get the better of them at home. It would be interesting to look at a team-by-team breakdown of PIM at home and on the road.

You'd expect that a referee would rank in roughly the same place (maybe +/- 5 spots) in their average PIM against the home team as against the road team. That's really not the case, as 17 of the 37 refs rise or drop 7 or more spots, with 9 guys changing 10 or more places. That's pretty significant, and I think, points to some guys not calling things evenly. However, given our stipulation about the inability to pin specific PIM to specific guys in the stripes, this is all just conjecture. I think the NHL wants it to be that way...

A few random thoughts, and then the rankings:
  • The biggest thing to jump out at me is that only 4 refs call more than 15 minutes per game on the road team. When it comes to the home team, 13 refs average over 15 minutes per game.
  • The bottom two guys in road PIM are the bottom two guys in home PIM (and PIM overall). Leggo and McCauley just don't seem to blow the whistle. By contrast, the top two guys in road PIM (Kozari and Jackson) are ranked #6 and #4 respectively in home PIM.
Here's the chart. It shows the ref, the average PIM they're associated with on the road, and the change in rank from the home PIM rankings.

Ref Road PIM Avg Home/Road Rank Diff
Steve Kozari 16.62 5
Dave Jackson 15.88 2
Dennis LaRue 15.46 -1
Tom Kowal 15.01 14
Brian Pochmara 14.9 10
Gord Dwyer 14.79 15
Chris Lee 14.64 0
Brad Meier 14.59 0
Craig Spada 14.45 -4
Dan O'Rourke 14.42 10
Chris Rooney 14.37 -10
Brad Watson 14.23 -3
Don Koharski 14.05 -3
Ian Walsh 13.74 -3
Mike Hasenfratz 13.73 -12
Mick McGeough 13.64 -2
Francois St. Laurent 13.63 -5
Kevin Pollock 13.41 11
Dan O'Halloran 13.36 9
Don Van Massenhoven 13.28 -4
Eric Furlatt 13.26 -8
Justin St. Pierre 13.07 2
Kelly Sutherland 13.04 7
Stephane Auger 12.81 -2
Dean Warren 12.63 1
Paul Devorski 12.58 9
Greg Kimmerly 12.48 7
Kerry Fraser 12.37 4
Marc Joannette 12.34 2
Rob Martell 12.15 -7
Rob Shick 11.99 -12
Dan Marouelli 11.93 -7
Bill McCreary 11.93 -16
Tim Peel 11.6 -1
Dean Morton 11.44 -8
Wes McCauley 11.23 1
Mike Leggo 11.2 -1

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Next we'll take a look at the spread between road and home PIM at little more closely. Some of these guys are really jumping around, but what does that translate into in real PIM per game?

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