Sunday, August 19, 2007

Data Mining - New Series! Pens vs Refs

Since the last series was so much fun, I'm going to continue looking at some referee data. This time, it will be with respect to the Pens alone. Here is a brief list of what I'd like to analyze:
  1. How many PIM is each ref associated with on average?
  2. Any difference for home vs road?
  3. Any difference when removing major penalties and misconducts?
  4. Any difference in scoring with each ref?
  5. Any interesting calls (meaning, are there any refs that seem to pick on certain players?)
I'm expecting we'll find that while some refs certainly hit the Pens with more PIM, none of them seem to target players in an obvious fashion. I haven't looked at individual player numbers yet, so I'm really just guessing.

The series will start on Tuesday (or Monday night, if I put the post up early).

Anything you'd like to see in it, just yell and I'll do it if I can.

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