Thursday, August 09, 2007

The Referees - Part 2 - Low PIM

In the last part of the series on referees, we took a look at those guys who are several minutes above the norm when it comes to blowing the whistle. Here now are the guys who seem to keep it in their pockets:
Wes McCauley 23.08
Mike Leggo 23.23
Tim Peel 24.24
Paul Devorski 24.64
Dean Morton 24.88
Greg Kimmerly 25.07
Kerry Fraser 25.44
Marc Joannette 25.46
Dan Marouelli 25.59
Rob Martell 25.9

Dean Morton only handled 16 games, so it's not fair to judge him. The other guys, however were all pretty regular. If you get a McCauley / Leggo game, watch out! Those two are a full minute below everyone else. This has happened three times in the last four seasons, and other than one game*, things went pretty much how you'd expect - one game with 24 minutes and one (in 03-04) with 16. If I'm the NHL, I don't let these two work together very much.

In doing this, I'm thinking of new things to take a look at. I think it would be interesting to see how these numbers would change if you control for fighting and misconduct penalties. I'm also interested in checking to see who called the most coincidental minors, or the most penalties within a minute of another call (the notorious "even-up" call).

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* April 7th, 2007, Columbus against Anaheim - Rick Nash drew a 5 minute major for running Scott Niedermayer late in the first and when the dust settled, there was a fight and two misconducts


The Forechecker said...

Interesting stuff - are you able to check and see if team effects are significant? By that I mean do refs pretty much work with a broad enough cross-section of teams, or do they work regionally, where a few guys may have had more games against teams which habitually take more penalties, etc.

Pat said...

Forechecker - yes, i absolutely can - that's one of the things I'd like to get into, later in the series.