Monday, October 09, 2006

Slow day article roundup

The Pens played on Saturday night. It's now Monday, and they don't play again until Thursday. That means that it's time for some articles about the individual players. The Trib, Post-Gazette and Penguins home page all oblige.

First up is with an article about Dominic Moore.

Next is the Trib, writing about fan favorite (already), Jarkko Ruutu.

Finally, the Post-Gazette talks about how Ryan Malone should be a 30 goal scorer.

UPDATE - including article contributed by ees in the comments, over on ESPN. It's John Buccigross talking about why the Pens are sooo out of Pittsburgh (thanks, ees!)

None of it is earth shattering journalism, but when you have only two games under your belt, what else are you going to write about?


ees said...

i found this article on
it's funny, but still so depressing.

fauxrumors said...

1) Looks like John read our article written 3 days before his:

Anonymous said...

Hmm; I know Bucci is some sort of hockey guru, but he actually said in that article that Chicago did NOT have an NHL team. Hopefully his prognostications are as accurate as his research. . .

The Wife

Pat said...

I think he was making a joke in saying that Chicago has no NHL team (they have been pretty bad for awhile)