Monday, October 30, 2006

Jordan Staal to stay - Kristopher Letang to go

Jordan Staal will be a Penguin for a while longer this season. According to this article on TSN, Staal will remain with the Pens.

This is great news for this season. The team is 6-3 through the first 9 games, and looks to have a shot to make some noise about getting into the playoffs. Staal will be a big part of that.

As expected, Kris Letang is being returned to juniors. I'm excited about what he could do for this team in the coming years. He'll be a good one, and now the Pens have him under contract.

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Faux Rumors2 said...

1) More importantly to fans, it shows management is showing/displaying more emphasis on the on-ice product and less on saving a few dollars
2) Many thought the Pens would return Staal so their payroll would remain low enough to guarantee revenue sharing.
3) Unlike last year when the team did this to M-A Fleury, they showed their commitment to winning!