Monday, October 02, 2006

A break in the action for some comedy...

In the middle of the roster moves and signings and season opening preparations, let's take a break for some silly questions with Ryan Malone and Marc-Andre Fleury. Here are the links: Fleury, Malone.

Malone's isn't nearly as entertaining as Fleury's is. Here are some excerpts from MAF's questions:

1) What opponent do you least like playing against?

Can I say (teammate) John LeClair? I never know where he's going to shoot (in practice), and he doesn't either, so that's a problem, I think.

3) While playing a round of golf, what three famous people would you want to complete your foursome?

Tough one. If I say any hot girls, then I look like a pervert! So I will say Adam Sandler. I love him, he's a funny guy. I think he will be a good one. (Teammate) Andre Roy, he always makes me laugh. He's so stupid. And, I don't know, just a pretty girl. I just want to play with a pretty girl.

So, John Leclair has no idea where he's shooting, and Andre Roy is so stupid. Oh, and let's not forget - Fleury just wants to play with a pretty girl (okay - that was taken SLIGHTLY out of context).

Read them for yourself - they're entertaining.

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