Sunday, October 08, 2006

Photos from the opener

Here are the photos the wife and I snapped while we were at the Penguins opener against the Flyers last Thursday. I've provided a small amount of commentary as a caption to the pics :-)

The atmosphere was great - here are a few pics of one of the entrance gates, from above, with the free t-shirt they were handing out:

The next few are photos from warm-ups, including Andre Roy proving that he does indeed have an idea of how to shoot the puck, much as he might try to convince us otherwise...

This was during the National Anthem. Forsberg is still a punk. Did you know that over on, his nickname is Floppa? I'm sure you can guess why...

Some random game action, including a nice photo of Army getting off a backhand shot. You'll see several shots of faceoffs - they're the easiest thing to snap a photo of - everyone is standing still!

Colby's fight with Baumgartner. Most interesting here is that Hatcher has no idea what it is that they're doing, so he's on the left of the pic discussing it with the refs.

The refs are sympathetic to Hatcher, who needs an extended explantion. Seems all Derian knows how to do is hit people in the face with his stick and pick on little guys. He's more prone to conversation when confronted with something he doesn't understand (or Andre Roy).

Game over - the last players off of the ice are Crosby (who was further up, but stopped and waited to talk to Recchi or Therrien), along with Fleury and Thibault. Nice to see Thibault congratulating Fleury.

The three stars of the game:

Third star - Jarkko Ruutu

Second star - Sidney Crosby

First star - Marc-Andre Fleury

Hope you liked the pics. With any luck, I'll get down there a few more times this year.

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