Thursday, October 05, 2006

Penguins 4, Flyers 0


I think that's all I can say. Let me try again...


Maybe I can get some other thoughts out...


Okay. I think I'm better now.

The Pens won what will likely be remembered as one of their more memorable victories tonight. This game had a bit of everything. The stars played well, including Crosby, Armstrong and Gonchar. The grinders played REALLY well, especially Ruutu. The kids played great - both Staal and Letang showed that they belonged (for at least one night). Fleury absolutely answered some questions by making 40 saves and standing on his head at times. The power play wasn't needed, but did generate some pressure. The penalty kill was exceptional.

This game showed a small sampling of the work of Ray Shero in the off season. You could absolutely tell the difference made by having players like Mark Eaton, Dominic Moore and Jarkko Ruutu.

After dumping all of these superlatives on the team, let me just make a few quick points:
  • The Pens took WAY too many penalties. If they don't play more disciplined, they'll be heading down the same dark road they were on last year.
  • The Flyers were not all that sharp, especially for a team that had almost 20 minutes of power play time. They had their chances, but it seemed they could never quite make that perfect setup pass they were trying for.
  • Mark Recchi took two penalties in the first period when the game was still very much in doubt. Your leaders can't do that.
  • It's just one game.
  • Forsberg is a punk (as is Hatcher)

Having said those few things, this was a high-energy, hustling performance that bodes quite well for the rest of the season.

I took a bunch of pictures, though I'm not sure how many will turn out. I'll get some of those up tomorrow, I think.

Next up: Detroit on Saturday.


Will said...

Well you could not ask for much more out of them. You know it was just meant to be because Armstrong actually won a fight! Nice to see some soft goals let in by the other goalie. Fleury was great let's hope he keeps it up. I agree that the Flyers looked flat after the opening 5 min. I also expect to see Ruutu jerseys popping up all over Mellon Arena here soon with the work he did on the PK.

I was also thinking that with the 0-9 start last year they were never above .500 the whole year. That + the lockout = a few years since they have had a winning record... baby steps.

Tim said...

Not only Ruutu jerseys but signs that say "RUUTU FOR PRESIDENT!" He was everything the fans were hoping for and that's why they liked the acquisition over summer, for good blue-collar hard work like he performed last night and then some (nice goal!)

PK was indeed strong, but the Penguins will not be able to do this every game; Fleury will wear out. That and they'll need to be a force on the power play. But this fast and furious start is what the Penguins need after having a dismal beginning last year.

Funny note: did anyone else notice during the broadcast that when Jim Balsillie was in the booth, he slipped "holy shit?" Steiggy and Bob Errey were laughing, eating it all up, I think it was when he was first in the booth (either that or after one of Fleury's unbelievable saves...)

fauxrumors said...

1) lets hope this is a sign of things to come! Perhaps a revived Pens team will help spur on the arena deal!
2) Although FAUXRUMORS is hearing that the new owner-elect, might have alterior motives in his purchase

Tony said...

The blog looks great. Just wondering if you'd add my new blog to your listings, it will have plenty of Penguins-related posts. Of course, I will reciprocate as well.
Thanks in advance...


Trent said...

I will say that the new owner did have a degree of evasiveness about his answers. It was a lot of couched talk if you re-listen to it. He certainly seemed a bit shady.

This pisses me off. The Pens belong in Pittsburgh, period. I think the only chance of keeping them here now is for Isle of Capri to get the license. Otherwise, he can argue that ANY terms that Plan B might have will be unacceptable.


But yea, those Pens looked great last night.