Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Player updates - Orpik, Cairns, Petrovicky

Eric Cairns returned from his rehab stint in Wilkes-Barre and is with the team, but they're unsure of when he might play.

Ronald Petrovicky is practicing with the team as well, but there is no timetable set for his return.

Brooks Orpik has most of the strength back in his injured right hand, and he is accompanying the team on their west coast trip.

All three of these guys figure to be on the roster in the near future. This would mean that guys like Welch or Talbot could lose their spots, unless Shero has some trades up his sleeve.

Source - Pittsburgh Tribune-Review


Will said...

The thought of Cairns taking the spot of someone like Talbot or Welch makes my brain hurt.

Faux Rumors2 said...

1) Cairns is a goon with limited ability in the old NHL. He will be a HUGE detriment in the new NHL. Unless he is being used simply as an enforcer

Pat said...

I'm with you, Will - having Cairns on the roster at the expense of someone like Welch or Talbot is kind of crazy, especially when Therrien seems to be rolling four lines like he is right now.

faux - cairns was used for about 3 minutes per game last year, primarily as an enforcer... and you're right - he is a huge detriment when not fighting

ees said...

i'm with will too on this one