Monday, March 13, 2006

Rendell has arena plan?

According to KDKA Radio, Gov Rendell said that there is a plan he hopes to announce within a few weeks. Of course, this would involve public money in the form of tax dollars, which is something that would not be required under the Isle of Capri plan.

Looks like hearing people chant "Let's go Pens!" each time he comes to Pittsburgh is starting to help him understand the quandary of giving a slots license away to repay political favors. What will be interesing will be the fallout from any plan that is proposed. My biggest question for the Governor would be "why are you proposing to build an arena with public money when the issue of the slots license hasn't even been decided yet?"

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ees said...

This is just a load of crap. Rendell is just saying this so if the IOC plan doesn't win the license, he can cover his butt & say he tried to help. Where was this public money before when we needed it? I betting Rendell's plan won't hold up to reality. I've had enough of that fat old man.