Friday, March 17, 2006

Devils 2, Penguins 1

14 shots. What else is there to say? 14 shots!!! Ugh. That's really not good. I didn't get a chance to see much of this game, but I did catch bits and pieces. Fleury seemed to be playing well. Crosby seemed to get beat up pretty badly, with the refs doing nothing, of course. You wouldn't want to protect the future of the NHL, would you? Sometimes the lack of vision of the zebras is astounding, both on the ice and in the bigger picture. Last night I saw Crosby take a knee to the head and an elbow to the head - no call either time. Kind of disappointing. Would be interesting to see how much penalties are being called now versus earlier in the season, and see how the rate of change compares with other seasons.

Anyway, the Pens still had a chance to win (or at least tie) this game, but just couldn't get things going. They had tired players on the ice at the end of the game, and couldn't get the clock stopped to call timeout. They never really threatened once they pulled Fleury.

Next up are the Habs on Saturday, followed by Toronto on Sunday.

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Will said...

The Pens looked great in the first period. They were moving, HITTING, had a good pace going, and had a 1 goal lead. The problem was there was still 2 periods to go. NJ woke up in the second and started hitting back and got a so-so goal to tie it up. Then of course Might Mouse had a breakaway and made a good shot past Fleury. The Pens offense shut down for the rest of the game. Even on the PP they just seem unorganized but a lot of that was because NJ really tightened up on D and we're all over the defensive zone during the PK.

If the Pens could have found the net a few more times in the first (and there was about 4 plays that could have been goals) this would have been a different game. Then again, if a frog had wings it wouldn't bump its ass a-hoopin'!