Sunday, March 05, 2006

Hurricanes 7, Penguins 5






Other than that, it was a great game! Of course, that's like saying that if not for those pesky atomic bombs, the Japanese came out of WWII in great shape.

Nice to see Recchi get the hat trick. Also nice to see the offense generate some consistent pressure.

A few other things that jumped out at me:
  • Ryan Malone really is starting to play better. He just seems so much faster on the ice now than he did earlier in the season. His development really bodes well for the Penguins for the future.
  • Cam Ward really isn't terribly good yet, is he? I know he kept the Pens off the board early in the first, but he also allowed several softies that got the Pens back into the game.
  • Speaking of softies, neither Fleury or Caron was ready to go last night, but I don't think Caron should have been yanked after allowing the two power play goals in the first. Neither one was really a bad goal.
  • Crosby doesn't seem like the same player right now. Maybe he's hitting the rookie wall a little bit.

This game really spoke to the lack of consistency shown on a regular basis by this team (at least they're consistent about something). Hopefully this is something that will come with time.

Up next is a game on Tuesday against the Lightning.

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