Thursday, March 09, 2006

Mark Recchi traded

The Penguins traded Mark Recchi to the Carolina Hurricanes today for two players and a draft pick. Before I say anything about who the Pens received in return, I do have to say that it's disappointing to see a player like Recchi be traded. He was producing and playing at a fairly high level, and apparently wanted to be here in Pittsburgh. They won't be able to replace him easily. (Thanks to Will for the heads-up in the comments!)

In exchange, the Pens received 26 year old winger Niklas Nordgren, 24 year old center Krystofer Kolanos, and a second round pick in 2007.

Nordgren just came over to America this season, starting in the AHL and making his way to the NHL. He's a little bit older for a rookie (26), but he did just come over from what I'm guessing was the Sweedish Elite League. More importantly, he has good offensive skills and is a right handed shot, something the Pens are a bit short on lately.

Kolanos is a story we've all heard before (it's quite familiar to the Pens) - former first round pick that hasn't panned out. He's been in the league for four seasons (and he's just 24) with Phoenix and Edmonton. His playing time and productivity have trended downward since his rookie season. He has good size, but simply hasn't been playing many minutes. He'll go into the mess the Penguins have at center behind Crosby and Malkin.

You have to wonder how the organization feels about Erik Christensen, given that the team has traded for a center in Kolanos and picked up a second center via waivers in Andy Hilbert from Chicago.


ees said...

I hate to see Recchi go. I thought it might be coming. I think he was the real leader of this team. Crosby needs a older guy by his side. I hope he comes back when he is a free agent again. That is if he can still play, he is getting up there.
I am mad about us getting 2 more centers. I have complete faith in Erik Christensen. Of course Maxime Talbot, too! Shane Endicott will come around with some time. These are 3 very capable centers already in the organization. What we really needed were some wingers. We got one, will that be enough?
I'll hold back any further comment about the people we got until I see them play.
I think the team we had before these trades was good. Most of the team just needed some seasoning. Hopefully this season was it.

Will said...

Another trade I just saw was Jackman was sent to Florida for... you guessed it, another Center Petr Taticek. Never heard of him but makes me think there's going to be an all out war come summer to see which 4 centers make the top squad.

It's a shame to see Jackman go, he really added something to the Pens a few seasons ago when they picked up. I know he's been in the dog house most of this year and had talked openly about wanting a trade, so hopefully he'll do will in Florida.

Will said...

Damn, I should wait before I post these things, another trade that happened was Cory Cross was sent to Detriot for Zetterberg... yeah we wish! It was for a 4th round draft pick, I think. Never had enough time to get used to Cross so him leaving does not bother me except that for a team with no D, dumping Cross and Jackman on the same day could cause some trouble.

Trent said...

Am i the only one who thought this was an apology for Orpik's hit on Cole?

I'm not too concerned about the loss because Recchi can resign with Pittsburgh next year, unless Carolina wants to pay him over 2 million, which i don't see happening.

He's going to a great team that has a real shot to win the Cup. Best of luck to him and thanks for bringing along the Kid.

Pronovost said...

Am i the only one who thought this was an apology for Orpik's hit on Cole?

Nope, I thought the exact same thing. And I also wouldn't be surprised if Recchi is back in Pittsburgh next season.