Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Game #69 - at Senators

Quick preview - not much time.

Sens are really good at home (25-6-1). They've scored more short-handed when playing against the Pens than the Pens have scored on the power play. I'm guessing the Pens will want to play even strength as much as possible.

Whitney might play - he aggravated his neck in practice yesterday.

Look for some pluck from Crosby tonight - Alfredsson is the player who talked about Ovechkin being tough and playing through the clutching and grabbing, "not like the other rookie, who starts crying". Here's hoping for a breakout performance from Sid - he has one point in his last two games.

Let's go Pens!

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Will said...

I thinks it's great when players bash Crosby. The reason is because of how he handles it...No Comment! He does not engage in that crap and he's only 18. I'd like to see Alfredsson's reaction if he got worked over by every team, every night like Crosby does. Would he keep his mouth shut to the press, I wonder? What I'd really like to see is Roy line up Alfredsson going through the neutral zone... :)