Thursday, March 23, 2006

For those who are dearly departed...

Let's take a look at the success (or lack thereof) of the players the Penguins recently traded, now that they've all had a chance to settle into their new cities and teams:

Mark Recchi - Carolina
7 Games
ZERO points
-4 +/-

He's not playing the big minutes anymore that he was used to in Pittsburgh, but his lack of production is mystifying, since he was coming on strong here in Pittsburgh when he was traded. However, the results for the Penguins have been good, in that the team has been playing better of late without Recchi. Maybe there really was something to the talk about the clubhouse being divided between young and old, with Recchi being the main cause of said division. Carolina as a team has also been struggling.

Dick Tarnstrom - Edmonton
9 Games
1 Goal
3 Assists
-2 +/-

Dick went over and got hurt, missing about a week of action before the Olympic break. His minutes have been sporadic, but he's been coming on a bit lately, scoring all 4 of his points in the last five games.

Ric Jackman - Florida
7 Games
1 Goal
1 Assist
+1 +/-

Ric is getting some time on the power play and playing a decent amount of minutes (though in his most recent game, his time at even-strength was way down). He has two points in his last two games, after notching none in his first five games. He'll likely continue to be something of an enigma as he was here in Pittsburgh, playing really well some nights and struggling to get minutes on others.

That's about it. I know we also unloaded Cory Cross, but he played relatively few games here, and his minutes in Detroit have been limited as well.

I'll have to do this again at the end of the regular season to see how these guys adjust to their teams.

Coming up in the near future - I'll take a look at how the new players we've acquired have performed (hint - keep your expectations low - these guys really haven't done very much).

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