Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Want a Sidney Crosby rookie card?

How about 45 of them?

Here's the auction on ebay.

Not only does this show how insane the card collecting business is these days, it also shows that for the right cards, there can be real money involved.

With 5 days left, this auction is at $6100. That's over $100 per card. It's likely to go much higher before it ends.

Weren't thing much simpler when you had one rookie card to collect, like when Lemieux was a rookie? Okay - I'll grant you that he had two (OPC and Topps), but OPC was sold in Canada. When I was a kid, you bought packs of Topps hockey until you got the Lemieux rookie (or the Roy rookie the next year). How many "rookie" cards can there be for one guy?

Anytime anyone is willing to give me THOUSANDS of dollars for a small pile of cardboard, I have a hard time not taking it. That said, I'd buy this lot if I had the disposable income (The Wife would probably kill me).

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