Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Three Stars - Part 2 - Homers!

So does the winning team always get the First Star? Normally you'd have to say that's the case, but sometimes things don't go the way you'd expect.

There were 12 games in the NHL in 2008-09 where the home team won the game but the road team got the #1 Star. The interesting thing is that all of the games went to overtime. It happened 3 times in Colorado and twice in New Jersey (no more than once the other 7 locations).

There were 63 games during the 2008-09 season where the home team LOST but still gave one of their own the #1 Star. I was pretty surprised at the distribution - I thought there would be a few places with 2 or 3 games (maybe 4) and have it pretty evenly spread out. That wasn't the case - 26 of the 63 were from just 5 arenas. I think we've found our homers.

This one deserves a bit more detail and a special Award. Without further ado, here's the data:
Ducks 6
Canadiens 6
Coyotes 5
Wild 5
Lightning 5
Oilers 4
Kings 3
Canucks 3
Flames 3
Senators 3
Maple Leafs 2
Blues 2
Avalanche 2
Bruins 2
Red Wings 1
Thrashers 1
Predators 1
Sharks 1
Flyers 1
Penguins 1
Stars 1
Sabres 1
Islanders 1
Devils 1
Capitals 1
Blackhawks 1

You can see the good folks in Anaheim and Montreal are tied at the top with 6 times each. Since I need to break the tie to present the WAAAAHHHH!!!! award, I'm going with familiarity.

The 2008-09 WAAAAHHHHH!!! award goes to the media folks in Montreal, for awarding their guy the #1 Star even when their team lost the game. Hey - if he was really the best player on the night, wouldn't he have won the game?

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