Thursday, August 27, 2009

I think there's a support group for something like this...

I had to zip through Target today and made the mistake of glancing over at the cards.

This is what I saw staring up at me:

Come on - could you resist that? It says EXTREME VALUE!! It has to be true - and it was only $10! I have to see if there is a CA (Collectors Anonymous) meeting near here...

As long as I bought the box, I may as well show you what was on the inside.

The packs were as follows:
2008-09 Upper Deck Series 1
2006-07 Upper Deck Series 2
2006-07 Fleer Hot Prospects
2006-07 Parkhurst (x2)
2005-06 Upper Deck Victory (x2)
2005-06 Parkhurst
1998-99 Pacific Omega (x4)
1991-92 Pro Set Platinum (x2)
1990-91 Bowman (badly warped)

So was it really an EXTREME VALUE?

Err... not so much. But it *did* have some neat cards.

Let's forget about anything since the end of the lockout - those are all Upper Deck cards and they're pretty boring, I think. Note - Upper Deck also published Fleer and Parkhurst and hold the only license to make hockey cards.

The neat cards are the other three sets - Omega (which I had never seen previously), Pro Set and Bowman.

Okay - the Bowman are crappy too, but I did get one cool card:

Check out the fedora! Did you know he had three hat tricks that year?

Pro Set Platinum has great photography. There is a full bleed (no borders) picture on the front and a different full color picture on the back. You sacrifice any kind of statistics, but still, nice pictures. See the LaFontaine example below.

No chance for the Cobra Kai Dojo!

Pacific Omega was completely new to me, and I really liked the layout. All of the cards appear to be laid out horizontally and have a nice design. There were a few nice rookies in those four packs.

I wouldn't have guessed that 98-99 was Giguere's rookie year.

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Magnus said...

I can fully understand this problem. I sometimes don't even dare going to a certain shopping mall because I know that on my way there is a trading card store that I will end up buying something from for no particular reason.