Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Game #69 - vs Buffalo Sabres

Buffalo Sabres (44-19-5, 93 pts) at Pittsburgh Penguins (37-21-10, 84 pts)

Prior meetings:
Penguins 4, Sabres 2 on January 5th at Buffalo
Sabres 4, Penguins 2 on November 17th at Buffalo

Tonight is a celebration. It's a chance to cheer now that the home team will remain in Pittsburgh. It's also a chance to celebrate a likely return to the playoffs, on national TV (okay, calling Versus a national channel might be pushing it a little bit). Who better for an opponent than the current #1 team in the East? If the Pens manage to win this one, it will create some great momentum.

The Sabres have been struggling. They've lost three in a row. If they lost tonight, it would be the longest losing streak since they lost 6 straight during late March last year. Maybe a trend?

The Sabres have taken only three penalties in the last three games, including one game without a single penalty. They've also been unable to notch a power play goal in those same three games. Is it me, or are the refs putting away the whistles again? It would be interesting to look at the penalties that have been called lately...

Sabres blog - BfloBlog
They have a nice preview of tonight's contest up and available for reading.

The Pens will have their hands full tonight. The Sabres will be frustrated with having played New Jersey and Minnesota and will be glad for the chance to open things up. The Pens need to be careful not to let things get out of hand, and play a tight game at home.

Let's Go Pens!

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Will said...

I agree with you about the penalties, Pat. Seems since New Year's the refs have gotten a lot worse. The Pens last game was a great example. Things were just out of control and nothing was called. Not just that, but they way they called hooking and interference have just plain changed. Early in the season if you put your stick anywhere around the opponent's hands it was called. Now even when the hook slows down the player it's not always called. I don't care either way, just make it consistent.

Big game tonight. I hope Laraque is able to play. If not it'll be good to see Thorburn or Petro back in the lineup.