Friday, November 17, 2006

Sabres 4, Penguins 2

Tonight's game was very winnable. In fact, if the Pens would have done one thing extra, I think they would have come away with at least one point. What is that one thing? SCORE ON THE POWER PLAY!!

This one was there for the taking. The Sabres played well, but so did Thibault. The Pens managed 36 shots on Biron, but he was also quite good in net. They couldn't get that critical goal that would have put them back into the game prior to the scramble at the end. I'm not sure what's wrong with the power play right now, except that all they can seem to manage is to pass the puck around the perimeter, with no one looking to be aggressive. Malkin was lined up in the slot for one of the opportunities I saw tonight, and he never touched the puck. Either shoot the one-timer from the point, or have someone on the sideboards make a move to try to create some space.

Anyway, the special teams were pretty much the story of the game. The Sabres notch two PP goals, the Pens can't get anything on their chances.

Next up: the Rangers at home, tomorrow night. Jagr is going for goal #600. If he gets it, we can all die a little inside. Preview up tomorrow.


Will said...

Good: The Pens played with Buffalo all night and with the exception of a few times they did not look over matched. For all the crap I give Thibault he played good. Made some very good saves to keep them in it.

Bad: Power Play, uggghhh! You would think that after the first 4 PP's when all they did was pass around the outside and let Gonchar rip one from the point, they would try to work it down low. I mean Gonchar is great and that's a good play but like you mentioned, Pat, they need to be working from down low then use that point shot AFTER the have sucked the PK'ers towards the net. Now Buffalo seemed really good at forcing the puck to the blueline on the PK but get a goal or two on the PP and the Pens win this one.

No time off with the Rangers coming up. Big game because I hate the damn Rangers. But on a positive note if we can beat them we go 2-1 this week with wins against Phily and the Rangers!

Go Pens ... and Buckeys!

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