Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Penguins 3, Islanders 2

Wow. When I suggested that Colby would score his first of the year from Sid, I didn't expect it to happen just 1:34 into the game. Not that I'm complaining... quite the contrary! It was great to see the Pens get on the board early.

Of course, they couldn't score on the power play, but that's a minor complaint tonight.

Tonight was all about Flower Power. It was Marc-Andre Fleury's birthday. It was Marc-Andre Fleury bobble head night. It was Marc-Andre Fleury's night to shine, and shine he did. He shined the most during the third period, when the Penguins desperately needed him to shine. This is one of those games that the Pens would have found a way to lose last year. This year, Fleury practically stood on his head and kept the puck out of the net. It was great to see him step up like that on a big night.

The only disappointment I have from tonight is that someone didn't plaster Satan for his cheap hit and subsequent trash talking last Wednesday. I guess I can live with two points for the Pens and zero for the Isles as a worthwhile alternative.

Army almost had the hat trick, but he was hooked while going for an empty net goal. If the ref would have signaled penalty shot, he would have the goal automatically, but he only gave Poti a hooking minor. Someone threw their hat on the ice anyway. I was really happy for Armstrong to see him get his first two goals of the year.

Next up: at New Jersey on Friday and then back home against the Isles (again!) on Saturday.


Will said...

Good game for the Pens... great game for Army. Did you see the look on his face after he scored? I don't think I've seen a player that excited since, well since Ekman scored that hat trick a few weeks ago.

This was a big win for them. I know it's early but you can't get enough points against division teams and with how good they Islanders have been playing it's even better.

Let's hope they can bring the same game on Friday.

p.s. Anyone notice that it was a sellout last night? I think it's great that they can sell a game out after thanksgiving on a Tuesday... GO PENS!

Pat said...

Will - I was at the game, actually, and it was nice to see a sellout. I think it may have had more to do with the event than it did the game - bobble head = sellout, just like fireworks for the Pirates = sellout... (as does bobble head for them too)

The really frustrating thing was watching the parade of people leaving when the Pens were protecting the one goal lead with 1:00 remaining in the third period.

Tim said...

Hope this is some foreshadowing of Saturday's game, I'll be there to see it! Either way I'm hoping it's much better than the only game I went to last year (they were shelled by the Rangers 6-1).

Will said...

I don't understand it when people leave late in the 3rd when the game is still close. I was at a Sharks game this past Sat when they played the Devils and people were doing the same thing. I'm not even a real Sharks fan but I still stuck around till the end. But, I guess if you pay for your ticket you can do what you want.

I think Sat. will be a great game. We'll see how the Pens come out after playing N.J on Friday. Either way I'm sure it'll be better than any of last years games against the Rangers. They seemed to really beat up on us last season, I think Rozsival even scored like 2 on us.