Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Lightning 4, Penguins 3 (OT)

The Penguins looked pretty sluggish tonight. I especially noticed it on Evgeni Malkin, who just didn't seem to have any hop in his step. This is another game that the Pens were probably lucky to get a point. If not for the hat trick by Nils Eckman (the first of his career), they would never have that point.

The Pens were down early 2-0 before Nils took things into his own hands and made it 3-2. In the third, Noah Welch got a little too zealous to finish off a check and was out of position, allowing Eric Perrin to drive to the net and score. In OT, the Pens were putting some pressure on Holmqvist, but Lecavalier was cheating up ice when St Louis got the puck and sent it rocketing up to Vinny. Breakaway, forehand-backhand, score. Ugh.

The Pens were out shot 31-20, and other than their brief flurry in the second when Nils had his hat trick (a span of under 5 minutes), it didn't seem like they were even in the game. I think the effort was typified by the power play the Pens had with about 5 minutes remaining in third. Not only did they not muster a shot, they also didn't come close to puck possession in the offensive zone. They were out of gas.

Hopefully they get refueled soon... they have three games in four days, starting Friday at home.

Next up: vs Ottawa on Friday


Will said...

I agree about Malkin, I noticed that he seemed to be missing that next gear we have seen from him. He did have a nice breakaway but could not finish. Another game the Pens would have lost in regulation last season so I guess it's good they got a point.

Dennis said...

I thought we tried wayyyy too many fancy passes that never worked.

Everyone thinks that they can pass like Crosby...

Pat said...

That always seemed to happen here with Lemieux and Jagr playing. Everyone tries to get cute and dipsy-doodle with the puck. I think the difference now is that Therrien will show them the error of their ways sooner or later.

Fauxrumors said...

First home game after a long road trip is always a problem. Look for a rebound next game