Saturday, March 10, 2007

Penguins 3, Rangers 2 (OT)

The Pens played their typical role of Cardiac Kids quite nicely today. They started off slowly, and finished with a flourish.

The Rangers were up 2-0 after two periods. Both goals were nicely placed, up over the shoulders of Marc-Andre Fleury. He probably should have stopped the second one, but those will go in sometimes. The more significant item for the first two periods was the Pens inability to cash in on the power play. They had multiple opportunities, and for most of the game (including the 1:57 to start the third period), they had more power play opportunities than they had shots on goal during those chances.

In the third, the Rangers continued to take bad penalties. The Pens finally started to make them pay. Malkin double-clutched a slapper (because there was no one in front of the net - he appeared to be waiting) and then simply powered it past Lundqvist, who would probably like that one back. Lundqvist had been playing like a goalie that was going to frustrate the Pens all night (and he did, for most of it).

Later in the third, the Pens were on yet another power play, and Malkin took a shot from the right slot area. Crosby, who was on the far post (on the opposite side from where you usually see him), caught the puck out of the air, put it down and put it into the empty cage. Great coordination required to catch a Malkin shot (though Geno could have been shooting it wide on purpose, I guess).

In OT, the Pens caught a break with Colby Armstrong shooting the puck off the stick of Malik and up over the left shoulder of Lundqvist. Game, set and match.

Random thoughts:
  • The Pens really need to work on the consistency. They can't count on being able to come back all the time and can't afford the slow starts.
  • Ryan Hollweg makes some highly questionable hits. He's waiting for people to be vulnerable near the boards and then trying to kill them. It's not quite Cam Janssen, but it's pretty close. He's another one the NHL is going to have to crack down on.
  • Great to see the power play stick with it and tie up the game for the Pens.
Next up: the Sabres come to the Igloo on Tuesday. HUGE measuring stick.

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Will said...

Well we've been waiting a long time, but it looks like the Pens are here to stay.