Thursday, March 08, 2007

Devils 4, Penguins 3 (OT - SO - 1-0)

Quick review tonight -

The Pens were down, but kept coming back. They were down 2-1 after two periods and Gonchar nailed a short-handed goal to tie it at two. Zajac broke the tie and then Ouellet scored after a nice steal by Malkin with just 2:38 left in regulation.

In the shoot out, the Pens couldn't score, and Fleury wasn't perfect, allowing a goal to Elias. His move wasn't quite as unusual as the St Louis backhand, but going out way wide threw off Fleury enough to allow him to slip the puck past.

The Pens were badly out shot, 39-24, against a team that likes to sit back. That tells me that they weren't patient enough, and allowed the Devils to dictate the pace and style of play. They're going to have to learn from this and get better for the playoffs, especially if they face Jersey or Tampa Bay.

Disappointing tonight, but good to get a point.

Next up: at the Igloo against the Rangers on Saturday. Early start - 1:00.


Will said...

A game the Pens should have lost. It seems they have really done well coming back since new year's. I know we'd all rather see a 5-1 blowout, but not playing your best and still competing with the likes of N.J. is a good sign.

Anyone else see that late hit on Recchi and the ruckus that ensued? I have never seen that many cross checks, tripping, and slashing penalties not called in a 1 minute span. It seemed like the refs just decided to close their eyes for the last min of the 3rd.

Patricia said...

Not just the late hit on Recchi, but Armstrong's blatant elbow on Lukowich. Real nice hockey, I must say. Gosh, it was like the refs were just asking for another Dumbass Simon-like play last night in the Pens-Devils game.

I dunno if you know, but Lukowich is out indefinitely with a concussion and did lose a few teeth to boot. A penalty should have been called. Both teams were getting way out of hand, and that's what can happen with things get crazy and you have no authority stepping in to stop it. Nice job, refs. Really, nice job.

Patriica (2MA)

will said...

Can't agree more Patriica. I really like fighting in hockey but there's a line. We all know there are players who will go over that line. Armstrong is one of those people and I don't blame him in this case as much as the refs. There were really hard, cheap shots on both ends and a player like Armstrong is going to react just like he did, especially if nothing is being called. Good think Jansen was not there or he may of pulled off a skate and gone after Crosby.