Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Penguins 5, Senators 4 (OT - SO - 2-1)

I can't believe I'm writing a post about a Penguins victory tonight. Holy crap!

The Pens were as dead in the water as a team could be. They got the first goal, but were quickly put in their place by the Sens. The Pens seemed to have that awestruck look in their eyes during the first period. The Senators took advantage by running traffic in and around Marc-Andre Fleury, who was thrown off his game. He yielded to Thibault to start the second, and Jocelyn allowed what would have to be called a bad goal, putting the Pens down 4-1. I thought that was the ballgame.

Then, things started to change a little bit. The Senators had an extended 5 on 3 power play (for almost two entire minutes) but couldn't score. Then the Pens changed the momentum slightly. I was thinking it was just to set a tone for the next time the teams met. However, the Pens used the momentum to carry into the third period, where they out shot the Senators 11-2.

Jordan Staal got things turned back in the right direction with a short handed goal. With said goal, he set the NHL record for short handed goals by a rookie. Pretty impressive. The Pens added two more goal in the next three minutes to tie the game.

Neither team was able to take the lead again, though both had several chances. I had that nervous feeling... where I thought for sure that Ottawa was going to get the goal to put them into the lead again. It never happened.

When they got to the shoot out, I was more worried about Thibault in net, as he was 0-2 in save chances this season. He stopped the first two shooters, while Christensen (of course) beat Emery. Then Thibault let in one to McAmmond, and it was Crosby time. He deked with the puck several times and basically made Emery look stupid. Pens win.

As bad as the team played for the first 30 minutes of this one, I thought there was no way they had any chance of coming back. I'm glad I was wrong.

Next up: vs New Jersey on Thursday at the Igloo. Would it be okay if Laraque ran over Brodeur just this once?


will said...

I almost turned the game off after they went down 4-1. Then they went down 5 on 3 and I thought for sure it was over. Then later Staal had the great shortie. That dude is freakin' great for an 18 year old. Too bad for him Crosby did so well last year or I think he might get more credit for what he's doing at that age. I also heard the announcers talking about how the Pens should thank LeCliar for dislocating Malkin's shoulder or Staal may have never made the roster out of camp... don't know it they're right, but an interesting thought. McFleury (As my girlfriend calls him) was just off. Good to see the whole team come together and bail him out. As much as I don't like Thibault he did make the saves he had too, and made 2 great saves in the shootout.

Pat said...

Will - why does she call him McFleury?

Teej said...

Incredible game... AND, a stat from ThePensblog.com commenter Rachel: The Pens are 20-0-3 when Jordan Staal scores.

Will said...

Cause he can go cold so damn fast :)... really it's just because she likes using nicknames. Like she insists on calling Ryan Malone, Karl Malone(NBA), in that funny voice from the MadTv skit. "Hi, I'm Karl Malone" I don't care what she wants to call them as long as she does not mind watching games with me 3-4 times a week!

Pat said...

Teej - that's a pretty nifty stat - I didn't realize that! Good thing he's scored in 23 games, eh?

Will - the wife does the same thing with some players, so I know how it is.... and it is nice when the SO enjoys the sport too!

old man neill said...

I DID turn the game off in the third period, and was annoyed and depressed for the rest of the evening. You should have seen the stunned look on my face when I read the sports section this morning. This team is unbelievable.

Pat said...

Neill - I just about turned off the game too... I think it's just the fact that I had it Tivo-ed and could skip the commercials that kept me interested (I was running about 15 minutes behind)

Nice blog, btw - my buddy just moved out of West View (he got married) - we used to play hoops in the outdoor court right on 19 - nice place.