Wednesday, October 06, 2010

What are they doing with Eric Tangradi?

First off, I believe 100% that Ray Shero knows what he is doing FAR better than any of us do. There's clearly a reason that Tangradi was sent to Wheeling.

There are two questions in my mind, however:
  1. If it was a salary cap issue, why recall Killeen? Tangradi is above the NHL minimum (by about $300K) so the team saves a tiny bit of cap space by having Killeen instead of Tangradi. You know what would have saved more cap space? Not recalling Killeen.
  2. Are the Pens looking to make a move? According to everything I've read so far, they're not going to add a veteran defenseman right away (TIOPS), so you'd have to think if they're looking at a move, it would involve a forward. There's still a logjam on the third and fourth lines (once Asham is healthy), and Tyler Kennedy seems to be the odd man out right now. Would the Pens be shopping him rather than have him play on the fourth line? Maybe even Max Talbot, who if healthy, would have been expected to take over that third line center spot that seems to have been won by Letestu.
I think the only thing we can say for sure is that Tangradi won't play in Wheeling. He should open the season tomorrow night with the Pens, as expected, on the second line with Malkin and Comrie.

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