Monday, October 11, 2010

Game #3 - at New Jersey Devils

Game 3
Penguins (0-2-0, 0 pts) at Devils (0-1-1, 1 pt)

Why does it matter?
The Pens have managed to get off to the worst possible start, scoring just four goals in two games and going 1-11 on the power play. They need a win.

What has been happening lately?
  • Pens - The only silver lining for the Pens has been a lack of injuries. Other than that, the news hasn't been good.
  • Devils - Things haven't been much better for the Devils. Kovalchuk is fighting, they were destroyed by the Caps and they may have to play today with just 16 skaters (due to injuries to Rolston and Volchenkov).
Questions to be answered
  • If the Devils are short a few players, can the Pens take advantage?
  • Who will start in goal, Flower or Johnson? Other than the game winner for the Habs, Fleury has been good.
  • Can the Pens figure out a way to beat the Devils? Last year wasn't very good.
Keys to the game
  • Assuming the Devils are short-handed with just 10 forwards, the key will be to tire them out. Get the puck deep (cross corner or soft dumps to keep the puck away from Brodeur) and make the forwards come all the way back to help out.
  • Roll four lines to keep everyone fresh.
  • Play for the third period - that's when rolling the lines and dumping the puck will really pay off.

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