Saturday, October 16, 2010

Game #6 - at Philadelphia Flyers

Game 6
Penguins (2-3-0, 4 points) at Flyers (2-1-1, 5 points)

Why does it matter?
Any game in Philly can be a must-win because of the rivalry between these clubs. This one is for first place (though that doesn't mean much this early in the season) and could avenge the season opening loss.

What has been happening lately?
  • Pens - They finally earned their first win at Consol. Now they can try to keep their record perfect on the road (boy, after the way this season has gone so far, it feels weird to write that).
  • Flyers - The Flyers have won Bobrovsky's starts, while they haven't been able to get a W for Boucher yet. They've also been spending a bunch of time killing penalties.
Questions to be answered
  • How will Flower respond to the pressure he has been facing? He usually plays well against the Flyers, and that statement includes the opener this season.
  • Mike Comrie? Are you there? Just one shot last night after being a healthy scratch, and he just looks too casual with the puck (to my admittedly uneducated eye).
  • Can Sid keep up his great play against the Flyers? I'm hoping for a "Crosby Sucks" chant - that always seems to do the trick, and the folks in Philly (led by their organist) are too dumb to stop.
Keys to the game
  • Special teams - the Flyers and Pens have both been struggling with the man-advantage. The Pens last night looked both brilliant and completely unorganized.
  • Keep the legs going and out work the Flyers in their own zone.
  • Keep the play in their end. The Islanders couldn't take advantage of the Pens playing three rookies on the blue line, but the Flyers certainly will be able to.


Anonymous said...

Giving up 3 goals is not what I would consider a good performance. Fleury is the weak link of the Penguins.

Anonymous said...

That's nothing. He allowed 4 goals against Toronto and there were only 14 shots on goal. Defense sure did its job. He stinks.