Thursday, October 21, 2010

Penguins 4, Predators 3 (OT)

So what happened?
This is an early nominee for regular season Game of the Year. It was fast and physical all over the ice. There was something for everyone: special teams play, great saves, great hits and great skill. The difference was Sid and Geno, who combined for 17 (!!!) shots. The Predators just didn't have an answer for them.

Who scored?
Malkin (3), Crosby 2 (5,6), Letang (2)

The Good?
  • The Pens matched the speed and intensity of the Predators. They didn't back down or tighten up when the intensity ratcheted up a few notches.
  • Marc-Andre played a good game. He made some key saves at crucial moments and his defense helped him out for the most part.
  • Sid and Geno were unstoppable, and Bylsma had them playing together for large chunks of the game. It was good to see HCDB adapt to what was happening on the ice and stack his top line.
  • The lines were rolling, and they needed to be. Tangradi was the low man in terms of minutes, and he played almost 9.
The Bad?
  • I'm going to say that if Geno keeps playing really long shifts, it will bite the Pens in the butt eventually, especially if he does it in the third period again.
  • Can someone besides Geno go after the other team's pest next time? It was nice to see Malkin take a shot at Tootoo, but I'd much rather see anyone on the third and fourth line do it.
  • Rinne pretty clearly cheated off of the post on Sid's bad-angle goal. If he hugs the post there, Sid doesn't score.
  • The Preds first goal was a letdown by the Pens' defense. The puck went side to side across the top of the crease (about a foot outside of the blue paint). No one stopped the puck and no one had the man on the far side (Legwand) who buried it.
Anything Ugly?
  • No - this was easily the most entertaining regular season game I've seen in a LONG time.
    Any surprises?
    • Nashville only had 21 shots on net. Not only did it feel like more, but they were averaging 34 coming into the game.
    What's their record now? Any important move in the standings?
    The Pens are now 5-3-0. They are tied with the Isles for first place, not only in the Atlantic, but also in the Eastern Conference. Not bad for a team that lost their first three at home.

    Who's next?
    Off to St. Louis for a Saturday night game.

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