Sunday, October 24, 2010

Blues 1, Penguins 0 (OT)

So what happened?
The Pens lost the opening faceoff in OT and the Blues never gave up the puck. Erik Johnson put a shot past Brent Johnson that he'd probably save 9 times out of 10, and that was that. Really, other than some activity on the power play for each team, and the last few minutes of the third period, that was all that happened.

Who scored?
No one.

The Good?
  • They got a point. It feels kind of hollow, but I'm sure they'll be glad they got something out of it.
  • The Pens held St. Louis to just 24 shots, well below their season average.
  • The offense put 19 shots on Halak in the second period, but none of them were of the "golden scoring chance" variety, in my opinion. Maybe that's because Halak looks so casual in his movements in the crease.
The Bad?
  • Stat of the game - Geno on faceoffs - 0 wins, 1 BIG loss. To start OT, he jumped, forcing Sid to get kicked out of the circle. Geno went in and lost. The Blues only briefly lost the puck from that point on.
  • The brief time they lost the puck was when Paul Martin had it in the corner, only to have Oshie strip him of the puck and set up the winning goal. Not a good play by Martin there.
  • This game was an example of how a hard-hitting, defensive game can be deadly. Most of it was like watching paint dry as there were very few shots, and no one seemed to be able to get their legs moving or attack with speed.
Anything Ugly?
  • The whole OT sequence was pretty ugly.
    Any surprises?
    • I was mildly surprised to see Johnson in net.
    What's their record now? Any important move in the standings?
    The Pens are now 5-3-1. They are in first place in the Atlantic and tied for first in the NHL (with four other teams).

    Who's next?
    A few days off until a trip to Tampa to play the Bolts, who are tied with the Pens atop the Eastern Conference right now.

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