Friday, April 30, 2010

Penguins 6, Canadiens 3

So what happened?
The Pens were too much offensively for the Habs. Scoring four goals on four power play chances? That's the kind of thing we've been waiting to see for a few years.

The scoring was nicely distributed with three goals from the blue line and three from the forwards. Everything was working for the Pens.

Halak just didn't have it tonight. Listening to Versus and hearing Elliot say he would have started Price had to be one of the dumber things I've heard in a LONG time. On the Goligoski goal, it almost looked like Halak tried to scoop the puck up with his glove and simply missed it. With any luck, this will be a problem for Halak all series long.

Does this remind anyone else of the Carolina series last year?

Who scored?
Gonchar (1), Staal (2), Letang (3), Adams (2), Goligoski (2), Guerin (3)

Any surprises?
I was surprised the Pens were out shot when I looked at the box score. I don't think Montreal had many quality scoring chances, and I think the Pens were trying to be patient.

Where do we go from here?
Game 2 is on Sunday afternoon in the Burgh.

  • Do you start Halak or Price on Sunday?
  • Hopefully Staal is okay.
  • The Habs aren't this bad. The Pens need to expect a tougher game on Sunday.
  • Nice to see a team pay for dumb penalties (jumping Cooke after the clean hit on Markov was a dumb penalty).

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