Saturday, April 03, 2010

Penguins 4, Thrashers 3 (OT)

So what happened?
The Thrashers made some key mistakes, and it cost them two points.

Jim Slater took a completely unnecessary holding penalty with about two and a half minutes left in the game. I know Thrashers coach John Anderson didn't like the call, but there was no reason at all for Slater to put himself in that position. All he needed to do was shadow Leopold and maybe try to hit him after he touched the puck. He *clearly* grabbed him with his free hand and spun him around a little bit. Completely dumb, and honestly the type of mental mistake we've been used to seeing the Pens make. The Pens made them pay and tied the game at 3-3. There went the two points.

It was nice to see a team that turtles to protect a lead get burned by it. The Thrashers managed just 6 shots on net at even-strength during the second and third periods combined. They tried to trap it up and got burned by it.

Who scored?
Malkin (25), Kennedy (12), Gonchar (11), Leopold (8)

Any surprises?
Every time the Pens would score to tie the game, the Thrashers would take the lead right back. It was surprising that the Pens seemed to have a mini-letdown in those situations.

Any change in the standings?
Jersey won and Buffalo lost, so the Atlantic division winner is in the Driver's Seat for the #2 seed.
Playoff seed: 4th (tied with Jersey, but behind them by virtue of a tie breaker)

Who's next?
(To the tune of the Oreo commercial) O, O, O, Who's that dork with the stupid gold shoelaces?
He's coming to the Igloo on Tuesday. The Pens need to be ready.

  • Think they missed Sarge and Geno? Wow.
  • Fleury had a nice game overall with several great saves to keep the deficit at one goal.
  • Sid had a three point night and was a +2.
  • Kunitz left the game with an injury and did not return. Hopefully he's okay...

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