Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Capitals 6, Penguins 3

So what happened?
If you've seen a game this year against the Caps or Devils, then you know what happened. The result was the same. Ten games against those two teams... ten losses. It's not even worth discussing the specifics.

Yeah, I'm mailing this one in.

Who scored?
Crosby (48), Leopold (9,10)

Any surprises?
Not really - this one played out like you thought it might based on recent history.

Any change in the standings?
Jersey won, so the Pens are getting themselves behind the eight ball as far as winning the division. That could lead to a second round match up with the Caps.
Playoff seed: 4th (two points behind New Jersey)

Who's next?
Last home game ever at Mellon Arena against the Islanders on Thursday night.

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