Tuesday, April 13, 2010

2010 Playoffs - Round 1 - Ottawa Senators

The Pens have played the Senators twice in the playoffs in the past three years, losing in 5 games three years ago and then sweeping them two years back.

The past history doesn't matter now, though if I could have one request... when the series goes back to Ottawa, can we please have this guy back again? I need something to laugh about..

Without further ado, here are my keys to the series.
  1. Goaltending - Marc-Andre will need to be sharp. Elliot is getting his first taste of the playoffs. I think the edge here obviously goes to the Pens, but getting to Elliot early to rattle his confidence would be a good idea.
  2. No Kuba - this will be huge for Geno, who likes to torture the Sens. Kuba led the Sens in ice time this season, and while Volchenkov and Phillips will try to shut down Sid, Geno will get to go up against guys like Sutton, Karlsson, Picard and Carkner. Can you say "Advantage, Penguins" in Russian?
  3. Watch out for the secondary scoring - The Sens have some depth at forward, despite Kovalev's injury. Michalek, Fisher and Kelly can all chip in. Ruutu, Cullen and Neil make them tough to play against.
  4. Cheat on the D - Ottawa's defense really doesn't shoot the puck very much. Only Karlsson comes close to averaging two shots per game. The Pens can take advantage by watching for the point men of the Sens trying to make the extra pass.

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