Monday, April 05, 2010

Game #79 - vs Washington Capitals

Game 79
Capitals (52-15-12, 116 points) at Penguins (45-26-7, 97 points)

Why does it matter?
Pens. Caps. That's enough, isn't it?

What has been happening lately?
  • Pens - A tenacious comeback win over Atlanta.
  • Capitals - Three straight wins amid a blueprint for defeat handed out by RJ Umberger.
Questions to be answered
  • Was Umberger right? Will a team that bottles the Caps up in their own end have the upper hand? We won't get the answer today, but we will in about a week...
  • Which PK will show up for the Caps - the one that has killed 9 straight chances over three games, or the one that allowed 6 goals over 16 chances during the previous four games?
  • Can the Pens keep winning to keep the pressure on Jersey?
Keys to the game
  • Keep your heads up. You know O-Face will be running around.
  • Take it seriously - this is the last good warm up for the playoffs (the next three opponents are the Isles, the Thrashers and the Isles again).
  • Get the puck deep and keep it there. The Caps, per Umberger, like to float and poach. Try ill advised passes just inside the blue line (Geno) and you're going to be chasing someone on a breakaway.

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