Monday, March 01, 2010

Penguins acquire D Jordan Leopold

The Pens swapped a 2010 second round draft pick for Panthers defenseman Jordan Leopold today. You have to wonder what else is going to happen behind this. With the addition of Leopold, the Pens have 8 NHL defensemen, with none of them having an obvious injury. Maybe it's a hedge against future injury, given that the top two defense (Orpik and Gonchar) both played in the Olympics, but I think there are other moves still to come.

Are we going to see one of the young guys (Letang or GoGo) packaged with a pending UFA (Fedotekno?) to acquire a scoring winger?

Leopold is an unrestricted free agent after this season.

Just remember - "In Shero We Trust" should be emblazoned in the head of every Penguins fan.

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Penguins Pride said...

They need to find a way to resign Letang, trading him would be a huge mistake. I wouldn't mind seeing GoGo traded, but the trade would have to bring back a winger that is not a rent-a-player. If they trade him for Whitney I would be upset.