Monday, March 15, 2010

Malkin? Okay... Ovechkin? Confused

First off, Geno is day-to-day with a bone bruise. His x-ray was negative.

That's good news for the Pens, who will need Malkin at full strength for the playoffs.

As for Ovechkin (who was suspended for two games, if you didn't hear), my favorite part of the whole thing was this quote from Alex himself after the game, via Yahoo Sports:
"There’s nothing I can do right now. He just fell and this happens"
HE JUST FELL??? Really? That's what The Great Ape is saying? Please don't tell me this is a language translation thing - I'm not buying it.

Ovechkin is, without a doubt, one of the most talented players in the league. He's exciting to watch and brings passion and energy to his game. He also, without a doubt, seems to have trouble discerning where that line is that should not be crossed. I'm not sure if it's because he's an egomaniac (think "There is no line") or because he gets out of control and has impulse control issues.

We've seen Sid do things that would border on unsportsmanlike, and we certainly see him giving the little shots to players when he gets angry. He also takes over a game like no one in the game today when he gets mad. I can't ever see him playing with the recklessness that we see from Ovechkin.

I guess that's another way we can differentiate the two, to go with the previous criteria of the Gold Medal and Stanley Cup.

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Jammer said...

I think it's a little bit of both with Ovechkin. I feel like he justifies the cheap stuff with 50 goal seasons and thinks that having a "no mercy" approach to game just means he's the most passionate player on the ice - even if it's completely reckless and unnecessary.