Sunday, March 21, 2010

Hurricanes 3, Penguins 2 (OT)

So what happened?
The Pens took a 2-1 lead in the third period, but one poor decision by Fleury allowed the Canes to tie the game, and some serious disorganization in the final seconds of OT allowed the Canes to win it.

The game tying goal was noteworthy in that Fedotenko slid across the lane of the shooter (Pitkanen), which should have allowed Flower to stay up. He didn't, and the goal picked the top corner of the net.

The game winner by McBain was made possible when two Pens lost their sticks (Fedotekno and Orpik). Both went to pick them up, which was especially problematic for Fedotenko since his was in the corner. In that circumstance (less than 5 seconds left in OT), you'd like to see them each mark a man and take a penalty if they have to. They didn't, and it may have cost the Pens a point.

Who scored?
Staal (20), Malkin (24)

Any surprises?
The Pens managed only 21 shots in regulation (25 overall).

Any change in the standings?
The Devils continue to try to give away the #2 seed to the Pens.
Division: 1st (two points ahead of New Jersey)
Conference: 2nd (two points ahead of New Jersey)
League: 6th (two points behind Vancouver)

Who's next?
The Red Wings on Versus - Monday night - in Detroit.

  • All three goals allowed by the Pens were preventable - the first saw Boychuk all alone in front of Fleury and I already talked about the other two. This seems to indicate the mental lapses are still there.

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