Sunday, March 14, 2010

Game #69 - at Tampa Bay Lightning

Game 69
Penguins (40-23-5, 85 points) at Lightning (28-27-12, 68 points)

Why does it matter?
The Pens need to get the momentum going in the winning direction and Tampa desperately needs two points to have a chance to get into the playoffs.

What has been happening lately?
  • Pens - Brodeur. Blech.
  • Lightning - Generally speaking, they're playing themselves out of a playoff spot.
Questions to be answered
  • Can the Pens slow down Stamkos? This is his team now.
  • Will the Pens' offense show up? The Lightning have allowed 4 or more goals in 7 of the past 9 (all losses).
  • I'm still looking for a shut out from a Pens goalie. Can they get one? (this question is staying here until they do)
Keys to the game
  • Get the power play going. The 0-5 performance in Jersey needs to be ancient history.
  • Turn it into a shooting gallery. The Lightning usually allow more than 30 shots.

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