Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hurricanes 4, Penguins 3 (OT)

So what happened?
The Pens had a dominating effort tonight but were let down by their goaltending. I'd say that the first three Carolina goals were pretty clearly on the soft side. The shots do tell the story of the game, with the Pens on top in that department by a 40-21 margin. The Canes are lucky to get two points out of this, and I like what I'm seeing from the Pens. I think with Fleury in net, the Pens don't lose this game.

Who scored?
Staal (19), Guerin (18), Cooke (13)

Any surprises?
Is anyone playing better than Pascal Dupuis right now? He had two more points tonight and was all over the ice.

Any change in the standings?
No changes.
Division: 1st (four points ahead of New Jersey)
Conference: 2nd (4 points ahead of Buffalo and New Jersey, 14 points behind Washington)
League: 4th (tied with Vancouver, Phoenix)

Who's next?
A big game tomorrow night against the Devils in New Jersey.

  • The latest sign of the Apocalypse? Geno was the only Penguin over 50% in faceoffs. Wow.
  • Nice job by HCDB of rolling the lines and spreading out the minutes, given the games tomorrow and Sunday. Sarge was the only player more than a few seconds over 20 minutes.
  • One of these days, a Penguins goalie will earn a shutout. I just hope it happens in our lifetimes.

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