Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Penguins 6, Flyers 1

So what happened?
What happened is that Directv still hasn't settled their dispute with Versus. In other related news, Dave & Busters in the Waterfront gets their programming from Directv. That means I missed the game. Blech.

Who scored?
Crosby (21), Guerin (8), Staal (9,10), Fedotenko (6), Malkin (10)

Any surprises?
Three fights consecutively? Really? I can't remember that happening anytime recently.

Any change in the standings?

No - just some shifting around of who they're tied with.
Division: 1st (2 points ahead of New Jersey)
Conference: 2nd (1 point behind Washington)
League: 2nd (1 point Washington, tied with Los Angeles)

Who's next?
Back to Philly. The Flyers haven't lost both ends of a home and home with the Pens in 17 years.

  • Special teams were good - the power play managed another important goal and the PK, despite allowing one, scored two of their own.
  • Boucher wasn't very good.
  • Another rarity - Godard got in a fight and still had more minutes on the ice than in the penalty box. That means the Pens had this one under control. Something tells me we'll need Mr. Godard on Thursday...

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