Thursday, December 10, 2009

Penguins 3, Canadiens 2

So what happened?
The Pens scored first, got themselves into trouble in the first half of the second period, but basically dominated the game. The Canadiens were out shot badly yet again, and while they had a few good chances, they just didn't generate enough offense to win this one. The Pens had some good chances and a good looking power play. They deserved to win this game.

Who scored?
Gonchar (4), Cooke (6), Dupuis (8)

Any surprises?
I saw two:
  • When the Habs had the tying goal waved off during the third (because Chris Lee lost sight of the puck), the fans started crying booing. They were still booing when the game ended.
  • More silly Canadiens - they somehow decided that Price was deserving of the second star. I'm not sure if they were watching him muff the game winning goal on a long slap shot. That didn't seem very star-like to me.
Any change in the standings?
Yep - The Pens are back on top of the Atlantic.
Division: 1st (tied with New Jersey)
Conference: 2nd (1 point behind Washington, tied with New Jersey)
League: 3rd (1 point behind San Jose and Washington)

Who's next?
Saturday night date at home with those nasty, nasty Kitties.

  • Horrible night on the faceoffs for the Pens. Sid was 13-13, but everyone else was a combined 9-24. Not good.
  • No points for Sid or Geno. I wonder when the last victory was for the Pens when they both played and didn't score...
  • It's nice that the fans in Montreal are enthusiastic, but they sure can be annoying sometimes.

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